TAKING GOLDILOCKS TO THE CLOUD. Jimmy Damian, IT Director of Goldilocks Bakeshop, shares his organization’s journey to the cloud and why he thinks organizations should make the shift.

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – With ERP technologies and business needs evolving at an increasingly competitive pace, the pressure to upgrade is felt by businesses of every size. However, the shift to the cloud isn’t as easy as many vendors make it out to be.

Last Friday, November 23, 2018, Kation Technologies and Microsoft Philippines hosted the AX Migration to True Cloud SaaS D365 at Makati Shangri-La. Through a forum between cloud experts, organizations in the middle of their cloud journeys, and solution consultants, participants explored some of the best practices when an organization takes their first steps towards a cloud-enabled environment.  

The significance of moving Dynamics AX to the Cloud 

The room is filled with IT professionals of multiple manufacturing, retail, and holding companies as Simon Villalon, Managing Director of Kation Technologies, walks the participants through the importance of evaluating the state of their ERP, and why now is the time to consider a cloud migration. Through a guided questionnaire, participants were able to get an objective look of where their organization stood when considering a cloud migration for their ERP. 

Experiences with the cloud, from first-hand experience 

As participants mulled over their answers and looked at where their IT operations stood, Jimmy Damian, IT Director of Goldilocks, contributes a fresh take to the cloud transformation conversation as he candidly describes the considerations to make, the experiences with cloud migration, and the realities it may present to the rest of the participants. He discusses the challenges and opportunities of both platforms and how migrating to the cloud significantly benefited their company. Jimmy’s talk culminates on the importance of a business strategy in their cloud migration process, and boldly stresses how moving IT operations to the cloud increases business value contribution.  

In the open forum he states, “maraminamangibigsabihinyung value eh, but you need to understand your stakeholders in terms of what they really need and then provide that outside of your regular IT operations.”, further insisting that the cloud is not just an option, but that it’s the only option. 

Dindo Fernando, in charge of Partner and Business Development at Microsoft, complements Jimmy’s take by providing an actionable framework when rolling out a digital transformation strategy with the “Digitial Feedback Loop”. The framework manifests as a reflection of how IT has truly shifted from being approached with an “infrastructure-first” thinking to an “experience and processes first” thinking. He shares some powerful examples of newly possible business models that can be explored through the sheer computing power of the cloud, citing the local gameshow-like application “Paydro”, and how it’s able to work with a business model that relies on processors in the hundreds running at the same time. 

SHARING ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS. Jimmy Damian, IT Director of Goldilocks Bakeshop, shares his organization’s journey to the cloud and why he thinks organizations should make the shift.

PANEL DISCUSSION: Making the cloud a reality & insights on making it happen for your organization 

While a cloud migration talks are always exciting, they can also seem idealistic. The panel is asked how the cloud can help you create more value outside of day-to-day operations, and the insight of being able to provide new business value to the organization was a resounding a response. A notable quote comes from Simon as he states, “what we’ve found with the cloud is that we can do things faster and cheaper. Nagiging mas murarinsiya because after the month we can shut it off if it’s not working, then we move on to the next iteration.”  

The panel also addresses a question on the connectivity problems of the Philippines, and why the cloud may still be the right decision for organizations. Jimmy shares some of the pros and cons of running systems on the cloud and on on-premise environments. “Remember that when you’re on-prem, that’s a single point failure. That means your datacenter is serving you on-prem and your bandwidth is your single point of failure.” For Dindo, it seems it’s a matter of architecting and building differently. He shares how Netflix has zero servers in the Philippines and yet provides good services completely through the cloud.   

Every organization has a unique cloud journey 

As the unique cloud journey of each organization in participation slowly manifests through their questions and evaluations, the forum ends with an invitation to explore their specific business needs. Through a Value Discovery Workshop or a True Cost of Ownership workshop, participants and other companies currently running on Dynamics AX are made eligible to claim a 1:1 session to truly explore their cloud migration needs. 

If you’re part of an organization currently on Dynamics AX, you may reach out to us here to claim your 1:1 session with Kation Technologies.