DISSECTING CIO AGENDA – Simon Villalon, Managing Director of Kation Technologies, Inc. discussing the priorities of CIO investments across the world. 

The CIO Forum Series is a platform for cultivating educational, interactive and actionable conversations to enable leadership innovative and inclusive solutions. It takes form as a recurring, technology-focused gathering of C-Suite executives and senior management of the country’s leading corporations and organizations.

These forums are by invitation only, providing the region’s leading enterprises in attendance with an open and secure space to ideate and collaborate on truly revolutionary digitally transforming plans.

Confronting hesitation on the cloud

“Moving to cloud is easy, but it’s harder to trust the cloud with our trade secrets” – this was a quote from one of the forum’s participants and it seemed to be a dissenting opinion around the room. Many of the topics that were discussed in the forum zoomed into the disruptive technologies that many CIOs are forced to assess today. With a deep dive into IDC’s CIO Agenda, three main questions were addressed throughout the discussions:

  • Where is my work?
  • Who is looking at my data?
  • Can I work on this right now?

A dive into these seemingly simple questions sparked massive dialogue that contributed to actionable plans established later in the group discussions. Overall, all activities throughout the day gave actionable to take home and hopefully integrate with their organization’s plans and initiatives.